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We have been able to blend the Nigerian, Montessori and early years curriculum effectively for a broader scope.

  • Nigerian curriculum as approved by the Ministry of Education or schools in Nigeria.

  • Montessori Curriculum helps the child take control of their personal activities concentration, coordination and developing their motor skills through;
  • (a) Practical life social grace and courtesy
    (b) Sensorial lessons

  • Early years helps enhance their vocabulary and reading ability, phonics and diction lessons.

  • Social activities Ballerina lessons, drama, clubs, debating club, press club, music, sports etc.

  • School Anthem

    RockCrest International School!
    RockCrest International School!!
    Academic Excellent and Character is our goal
    As in education, living under the shadow of God
    In holiness and purity
    We grow to serve the Lord
    We grow to serve mankind
    and our great country Nigeria.
    We grow to serve the Lord
    We grow to serve mankind
    and our great country Nigeria.


  • Serene environment
  • Playground for extra curricular activities
  • Broad and versatile teaching method
  • Clean classroom
  • Sound morals and social abilities
  • Qualified and tested teachers
  • Participatory teaching
  • Developing intellectual abilities of skills
  • Impacting clubs
  • ICT and teaching aids


  • Creche                            - Rohi
  • Pre School                      - Rapha
  • Nursery 1                        - Shalom
  • Nursery 2                        - Nissi
  • Reception                       - Elohim
  • Basic 1                            - Shamman
  • Basic 2                            - Jireh
  • Basic 3                            - Adonai

  • Contact us Today

    Plot 75, Federal Hosting Estate,
    Off Odili Road, (Off the Road Beside
    Everyday Supermarket) Trans Amadi,
    Port Harcourt.



    9:00am - 4:00pm

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    RockCrest Summer School 2017 August 17, 2017

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